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Our bodies are made to adapt to nature, We feel calmer when we are in a natural environment, a walk in park or forest feels good, do you agree?

However, terms such as technostress (Craig Brod 1984), burn-out, insomnia, high blood pressure and many other physical symptoms due to stress indicate that artificialization, wich is the process of society and our lives being intruded by technologies of different types, is accuring so rapidly that we experience stressful situations and are forced to deal with the resultant pressures.

However, this process is reversible. If, in such stressful conditions, we receive a natural stimulus, a weekly walk in a forest for example, we can tune back to the mental system of who we really are and what we actually need to return to a healthy body.

If you want to know more about how we can reset our body by using natural metaphors and relaxation in wooded areas, please stay tuned and read my next contribution. Have a question about this interesting and important topic or want to experience it yourself?

Shinrin-yoku could be the answer.
Walking is a natural attitude for humans and nature has always been our habitat. Why should we not use our natural habitat as intended, as a home that welcomes us and where we can rest and get healthier.
Shinrin-yoku, or freely translated forest-bathing, uses the natural substances trees and plants release to positively influence our body.
A guided walk in a wooded area can bring a physical and mental change, even just within a two hours walk.

Actif coaching international will be organizing Shinrin-yoku walks to relax in a natural way.
Once your brain is in a relaxed state, you will be able to sharpen your senses without being stressed. You will find answers to questions and challenges in ways that you could not imagine.

Just call me and lets go for a walk!